Increase the member without surgery

According to statistics, more than 80 % of men are satisfied with the size of your penis. Internet advertising and the modern glossy magazine to encourage the development of complexes. This negatively affects not only sexual life, but also on the self-esteem, family relationships and career development. Psychology of men almost unchangeable, in contrast with the size of the penis. Increase the member without surgery is quite real.

Methods that help to cope with the problem?

increase the member without surgery

On the specialized pages and forums you will find lots of information about different modes for changing the size of the penis. In the main use non-surgical methods

  • hanging goods;
  • the use of the docking device;
  • massage is a technique;
  • the stimulator and tip;
  • special ointments, gels and creams.

To change the size of your penis — the process is laborious and very time-consuming. To achieve positive results, you must choose the most appropriate way and read all the details.

Manipulation by stretching and pulling through the belt, vacuum pumps, various loads can lead to unpredictable changes that are potentially disfiguring penis. Especially dangerous such techniques for elderly men — when tissue is injured permanently lose its shape and look normal. It is better to use natural remedies that will help you get rid of the problem and does not harm health.

Medicines for penis enlargement without surgery

Internet is now free to sell pills, improve sexual health, increase erection and the size of the genitals. On the basis of the preparation contains a proprietary complex of herbs, all known for their healing properties. The components, when mixed, create an effective system that helps to quickly achieve the desired result.

Pills with natural composition works quickly, has no side-effects and unpleasant surprises. The blend of herbs works from the inside out, increasing the size of the erectile tissue of the penis excited. The natural blood flow, in particular of the authorities, which allows them to fill out more fully, resulting in increased erections.

Gels and creams that will increase member

Among the various means that increase in the genitals of men, the most popular and available for use, are gels, creams and ointments. They have solved the problem without pain, only with the help of active substances. Surgical intervention and the use of hazardous structures will be necessary.

For the purchase of assets, which are actively advertised, in pharmacies or online stores official manufacturer. To avoid scams, it is good to understand how the specific cream. Also will not prevent a clear understanding of the companies established in this area.

penis enlargement.

To medicine for penis growth to be in the presence of the following characters:

  • problems with the duration of sexual intercourse due to premature ejaculation;
  • sexual dysfunction with mild dysfunction;
  • the presence of inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • the unsatisfactory size of the penis;
  • frequent damage to the foreskin;
  • the low level of sensitivity.

To enlarge your penis without surgery by using any of the gel. It is important that the regular use of in combination with other agents in such measures.

How to the creams and gels that increase the size of the country?

Positive reviews on different websites and Internet forums, talking about what tools are really effective. The main thing — to choose the most appropriate composition.

  1. Enzymes. The measures of the active substance, intended for the growth of the reproductive organs in length and width.
  2. Glycyrrhiza glabra. A fairly common ingredient has a restorative effect, improves the libido and gives the tone in the penis.
  3. Thistle. The entire plant contains a substance, which actively stimulates the production of testosterone in the male body.
  4. The extract of shepherd's purse. Opens skin pores for better absorption of vitamins and minerals, which include a large number of drugs for penis enlargement.
  5. In phytosterols. Stimulates the secretion of the glands, improve sperm activity. Well, the prevention of disease associated with the male reproduction system.
  6. On the golden. The herb prevents inflammation, which is especially important for secretory function.

Experts recommend to select for the growth of the penis gels and creams, which are based include the maximum safe components. Only such a composition can quickly lead to the expected result.

Instructions for the use of the ointment means

A common cause of failure of the product is the wrong method to use. With special gel, it must follow the General rules (video with detailed instructions can be found on the Internet):

  • before starting the procedure, the genital area should be thoroughly washed with soap and water and wipe the skin must be dry;
  • the cream needs to take a little bit, just enough to grind the entire length of the penis;
  • the product is used for countries with soft massage movements, massage until the complete absorption of the gel (usually it takes 3-5 min).
big penis

When the Overdrive should stop the process and continue later. Ointment or cream for the growth of the penis is recommended for use with clear periodicity — twice a day, morning and before bedtime. In contrast, the schedule the result may be a long time obviously. The average duration of treatment is 3-4 months, depending on the individual reactions of the organism, and the initial dimension of the problem.

It's hard to imagine a more effective method of non-surgical penis enlargement, such as with the use of a specific creams, ointments and gels. Simple therapy at home, and has almost no contraindications (except individual intolerance of the components). Another advantage is the affordable cost of treatment, compared with surgery and other methods.