Top 10 Foods to Increase sexual Power in Men

On male potency, and attraction to women affect not only on the health of men, the attitude of the lady and her look. Different foods also affect the male body, increases the libido and virility. What kind of products? Tell, the majority of them.

the product increases the power in men

1. Honey

First place in the list of capital goods to increase male potency, is a natural honey. It is desirable to include in the diet of every human being, regardless of age, emotions and sexuality.

2. Nuts

Such foods are walnuts, pine, pistachio (without salt), peanuts, hazelnuts. Very effective stimulant – nut mix, seasoned with a spoon of natural honey. This healthy and delicious drug supports and improves male potency. Nuts you can replace prunes or sunflower seeds. This tool is recommended, that lasts for about three hours before bedtime.

3. Meat

Increases male potency, of course, meat. It definitely should be included in the diet of the people. In reasonable quantities of meat gives strength and energy, especially popular lamb and beef.

4. Fish and seafood

Fish also plays an important role in the diet of male power. Most useful for maintaining male potency, flounder and mackerel. People called "loveful fish." Fry fish should not be, it is necessary to boil or cook. Seafood at aphrodisiacs include caviar, shrimp, mussels, crawfish, especially known for oysters.

5. Bow

Not to mention, the garlic and the common onion. It is therefore considered that are downright miraculous effects on the male sex hormones – almost the same as mushrooms. It is known that fungi, such as meat, significantly increase men's sex drive.

6. Eggs

Chicken and quail eggs since ancient times are considered effective aphrodisiac. Scrambled eggs with onions, scrambled eggs with various spices and tomatoes to stimulate the desire of man to the opposite sex.

7. The greens

Greens are essential for maintaining the health of the men. Especially valuable is the celery root, stems and leaves. Men should not be ignored, and herbs, such as Basil, cilantro parsley.

8. Spices

For cooking, increases male potency, it is desirable to use a variety of herbs – thyme, tarragon, st. john's wort, thyme, anise, cumin. Men dishes spicy, aromatic with a rich flavour.

9. Dairy products

It should not be neglected, and dairy products – yogurt, kefir, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese.

10. Fruit

Lemons and oranges, and increase strength and libido in men, fruits of yellow and orange contain large amounts of lutein, which stimulates the production of testosterone. Pomegranate not only enhances the immune system, but enhances libido, improves potency.

the product increases the power in men recipes


1. Garlic.Try to prepare the following tool, very effectively increases the intensity. Take 1 kg of garlic, finely chop, mix and place in a glass jar. The resulting mixture pour the boiling water on top of the bank and filled for a month, shaking daily and shake the contents. Ready infusion daily drink 1 teaspoon, drinking milk. Will be gradually purified the blood vessels, greatly increase blood circulation, strengthen and rejuvenate the entire body. Garlic infusion, take courses once per year, increase male potency, prolong youth, improve the overall health.

2. At the onion with honey. Grated on a fine grater onion mixed with the same amount of natural honey. Prepared the mixture, which lasts a 1 week course, 1 tablespoon in the morning and in the evening.

Aphrodisiacs in the world

Hot Italian men find the best products for strength – garlic, olive oil, tomatoes. The male population of India advises all men to drink a mixture of chopped nuts, sesame seeds and honey. Sesame seeds can be replaced with pumpkin seeds (not less effective). French men eat artichokes and snails, and the men, the Caucasus prefer products, sour milk, herbs and mutton. The southern people are placed on the palms, figs and Eastern drinking teas with spices, saffron, cloves and ginger. A Russian man living in Siberia, drink garlic tincture, the recipe for which is given above.

What should be limited

You should limit the consumption of beverages containing caffeine, and also energy, which creates the illusion of improvement of male power. They are very harmful for the male body. Their frequent use increases the load on the heart, muscles, effect on the state of the blood vessels and eventually can lead to heart attack or thrombosis. Alcohol has a negative impact on male potency, it is better to refuse, because alcohol causes impotence.

Completely useless for male potency, potatoes and pasta. Bakery products must be made from rye flour contains b vitamins food, such as wieners, sausages and hot dogs is certainly harmful for male potency.

A proper diet, frequent exposure to fresh air, exercise – reliable allies that help keep the manhood. Keep an active lifestyle, I am more often in nature, to eat right and healthy!