How to enlarge the penis with folk remedies and methods: ways to enlarge the penis

There are a lot of men who are not happy with the length and thickness of their penis. But not everyone decides on an expensive and unpredictable surgical procedure to increase a man’s dignity.

If you don’t feel like taking risks, you can try alternative methods. It is difficult to talk about their effectiveness as there are many opinions, both positive and extremely negative. It worked for some men, but not for others.

Traditional methods of penis enlargement are the use of herbal decoctions and infusions. They focus on normalizing blood circulation, increasing efficiency, and improving erections. With normal blood flow, various workouts - jelqing and pumping give the best effect.

Also, can the penis be enlarged? How to make creams or ointments at home that promote accelerated penis growth? Let’s look at how to increase your penis with folk remedies and do they really help you achieve the results you want?

Penis enlargement with herbs

Herbs can be used to increase the length and thickness of the penis. Based on these, decoctions and infusions are prepared for internal consumption. Ginkgo biloba is a unique herb that is widely used in the medical field. Ingredient-based drugs increase the sensitivity of the penis, increase blood circulation.

The plant is difficult to obtain in pure form, however, with the addition of ginkgo biloba, many dietary supplements are sold for course purposes. The composition of dietary supplements contains additional vitamins and minerals, which increases vitality.

Ginseng is a plant that enhances erectile function and has aphrodisiac properties; provides vasodilation, which improves penile blood flow. Enlarging the infusion of the penis drink.


  • Pour 20 g of crushed ginseng root into 200 ml of alcohol;
  • Insist for 7 days;
  • Take 20 drops twice a day at a time;
  • Drink half an hour before a meal.

Folk remedies for penis enlargement include a plant called thyme. It helps accelerate the natural growth of the penis. Herbal tea is made based on this. A teaspoon of chopped herbs is poured into a glass of hot water. Insist for 10 minutes. Drink 250 ml twice a day. The reception will be completed within 4 months.

Garlic is a natural aphrodisiac. Many people say that garlic infusion works like a Viagra tablet. One head of minced garlic is added to 200 ml of alcohol. Insist for 3 days. Drink 15 drops of burning liquid three times a day. Therapy - from 3 months.

From an objective point of view, herbs can actually increase efficiency, which significantly improves the quality of sex. But they are unlikely to significantly increase penis length.

Vaseline is one way to enlarge the penis

Perhaps the use of Vaseline to enlarge the penis is the oldest "old-fashioned" method. The point is simple - Vaseline is added under the skin of the reproductive organ, which allows it to increase its thickness. The process is fairly simple, you can do it at home. Against the background of this method, the phallus will grow before our eyes.

The penis is fixed at the bottom. Vaseline is then injected under the skin of the penis with a syringe. After the procedure, the skin is treated with an antiseptic solution. Vaseline is injected carefully as the substance does not spread evenly. With the right approach, the phallus can be enlarged in 15 minutes.

This technique is difficult to implement if a person does not have a medical degree. If you consult a doctor, you will refuse to perform such manipulations. The method is unsafe and has various complications.

Self-use of Vaseline can have the following negative consequences:

  1. The substance accumulates unevenly under the skin, making the penis appear unnatural.
  2. Infection can occur during manipulation because Vaseline is not a sterile substance. In turn, the infection leads to inflammation and other complications.
  3. Allergic reaction.

Introducing Vaseline into the penis is an effective method. But the probable damage exceeds the expected result. This manipulation is a direct path to impotence.

Traditional methods for penis enlargement

There are no spells that would increase the size of your penis. Therefore, men are willing to experiment to achieve penis growth. One of the most popular methods is to use baking soda. It is used in different ways: orally, it makes baths and baths, it makes ointments.

When sodium bicarbonate comes in contact with the skin of the penis, an irritating effect is observed which causes blood to flow. This allows you to increase the efficiency of penis extension. As a mono-cure, soda does not work, phallus does not help to enlarge.

An ointment is made to massage the penis. Take a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate and natural honey. Knead thoroughly and then apply the mixture to the penis. Massage for 5-10 minutes. This increase may lead to side effects:

  • Allergy;
  • Scratches, wounds;
  • Painful feelings.

Leech-based homemade cream recipe is popular on the forums of NUPers, the proponents of natural penis growth. The ointment is easy to make.

You need to dry the leeches first. You can buy them at the pharmacy. The dried worms - 100 g are then ground to a powder. They are poured with melted butter or sheep fat.

The finished leech cream should be rubbed daily before going to bed.

Other ways to increase male dignity

small and enlarged penis on the example of vegetables

Of course, leech cream is a dubious method of penis enlargement. But even such a recipe has its own proponents who argue that the method really works. It’s hard to argue because the growth of the phallus takes place individually for everyone. By combining the cream with other methods, you can completely increase the length and thickness of your penis.

Suspension of loads is a method of alternative medicine that was used hundreds of years ago. If the former men had hung stones on their penis, they were now coming up with something different - they were recording weights of different weights. They start with a small weight, gradually increasing.

Coupling is possible in many ways. Most often, a rope or bandage is attached to the base of the organ with a hook at the end. A load of a certain weight is attached to the hook. You should always start small, because excessive tension can lead to rupture of the penile ligaments, which can lead not only to pain but also to deterioration in erectile function.

Use a vacuum pump to make your penis thicker. The device cannot be attributed to folk methods, but it does contribute to increasing the thickness of the penis. To achieve a noticeable result, you need to train the phallus for at least 3 months.

Traditional methods of enlarging the phallus:

  1. Apitherapy. Bee venom is believed to promote active penile growth.
  2. Manual stretching of the penis.
  3. Zoom in with a vacuum cleaner. Extremely dangerous and ineffective method.

As an alternative to the methods described, you can try self-hypnosis. This option does not require effort and investment of resources. There is an opinion that every thought is material. If you think a man has a big penis, so be it. Manipulation is not difficult: a person sits on a chair or lies down in bed, closes his eyes and tries to relax. You should do 5 minutes of gymnastics with deep breathing and slow exhalation.

Then you have to imagine that the phallus is big, strong and protruding. The clearer the image, the more actively the body responds. You will need to meditate for 5-7 minutes for several months to achieve the desired result. It is said that this method helps, has a beneficial effect on sex life. This is possible because meditation neutralizes the effects of stress and nervous tension, which improves the ascender.

There are several popular methods that promise to enlarge your penis. But whether they work is another matter. It is better to choose a more traditional option for penis enlargement, as folk remedies are full not only of lack of results but also of various complications.